Candy Crush recruiting

candyIt’s amazing how much things have changed. The old truism used to be “I’ll know whether I’m going to hire someone in the first 30 seconds of an interview” may still linger, but getting a candidate to that stage is now a sleek, sophisticated and crucially TECHNICAL process. Here’s what may happen…

The job specification is posted online – via an ATS. Possible targets are quickly automatically targeted and respond – again via the ATS. The CV is parsed, disassembled and relevant key words dropped into silos. Credentials and key documents are checked. If enough barriers are removed, the candidate may be through to the second level. It’s a bit like Candy Crush, trying to get ingredients to the bottom but with so much outside your direct control.

At this stage there may be a degree of human interaction with the HR/recruiting team and so by the time the candidate walks through the door, you would hope that they fit the role applied for.

But then comes that old gut feeling that no amount of competency-based interviewing can alter. Is it right to ignore the reaction? Or could we seek ways to quantify and analyse that reaction scientifically? Can we/should we be able to recruit only people we like or can at least get on with? Is this where the soul of recruitment resides…?


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